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The Nightmare Room

Character: Kristin Ferris

Directed by: Anson Williams

Written by: Lee Goldberg

Produced by: Chris Castallo, Billy Crawford, Dan Kaplow, Shelley Zimmerman

Cast Members: Marco Gould, Audrey Wasilewski, Josh Jacobson

Released date: February 23, 2002

Episode(s) Number: 1x11

Episode(s) Title: My Name Is Evil

Genre: Family, Fantasy

On good-natured Morgan's birthday, he and his friends go to a carnival where he is made a fool of by his pretty classmate Kristin...and declared evil by a fortune-teller. The next day, when his friend Jason is revealed to be going out with Kristen instead and she says she asked him before Morgan asked her, Morgan is angry and feels his arm itching just before Jason has an accident, and Kristin gets Jason to believe Morgan was responsible. The same thing happens when Jason sinks through the ground after beating him at track-team tryouts, but Kristen turns every student, even his and Jason's friend Justin, against Morgan. The fortune-teller reveals how the whole thing started innocently, but Morgan seems to have grown an uncontrollable power to lash out at others with, at the cost of others' trust.

Script developed by Never Enough Design