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Kaley Cuoco and celeb makeup artist Jamie Greenberg have one of those relationships that’s right up there with peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, salt and pepper. Whether it’s prepping for a photo shoot or getting ready for the red carpet, the dynamic duo does it right—and has a lot of fun in the process. (Luckily for us, they also do a very good job documenting it on social media.) Tomorrow, Greenberg launches the much-anticipated B.F.M.R Mist AKA Best F*cking Makeup Remover Mist ($39), a refillable, spray-on vegan makeup remover that is already getting rave reviews—including some very stellar feedback from Cuoco herself.

How long have you been working together and when did you first meet?
I gauge my time with Jamie based on how old her eldest kid is! I met Jamie at Comic Con when she was pregnant; I remember she had to fill in for someone that was supposed to come work with me. She came to my hotel room, and I remember thinking, “How is this very pregnant lady going to make her way around Comic Con with me?”

What is one of your favorite looks you’ve done together?
Honestly, we always outdo ourselves! Every look is my favorite. During the last Golden Globes, I was pregnant and it was one of my favorite looks from head to toe. I felt like a pregnant princess.

Which was the most difficult?
I can truly say I don’t think anything has ever been difficult with us. We never have a plan going in—we decide in the moment. We love to try things and play with makeup, because why not?”

What makes her latest product launch different?
This is the best makeup remover ever. It’s clean and easy on my eyes since I’m super sensitive. It’s my new favorite product no doubt. I love that it’s unscented and obviously love that it’s completely vegan.

Did you switch up what you were using during pregnancy and, likewise, now that you have a baby, have you simplified it?
Nope! Nothing has really changed. I’m the same girl who still loves the same products, loves makeup, loves her team, but now there’s a mini me hanging around!

Source: New Beauty

July 29, 2023 Jennifer